Schedule is OUT!

Exciting news – our schedule is now available to preview HERE.  There may be some minor changes, so be sure to keep an eye out.

Also, anyone interested in doing the Tree Course should register on their website before the end of March – use the code “eb2020” (possibly caps EB) for a 20% discount.  The course starts at 9am, 12pm, or 3pm on any day and is approximately 2.5hrs long.

Late Birds & Lots to Flock About

Early Bird Pricing has ended! We’re only a month and a half out from camp, I can’t believe it! So here’s a packing list, And the meal plan menu is up, by the way. Also you can still apply for a panel, but that will close in 2 weeks (March 3rd) so we can finalize the schedule. Finally, you may also officially apply to be a volunteer if you are preregistered. Whew! Don’t forget you can join our telegram to get news and previews first!

New Year, New News

I guess I forgot to make a dedicated post here ( as opposed to our social media) that Early Bird Registration is open! And the cost increases from $35 to $50 for the Camper level after February 15th; unless you are registering under another pre-registered campsite Host.

Also, if there is an activity or presentation you’d like to host that other attendees would enjoy, submit an application to host a panel!

And finally, pre-orders are open for our official camp shirt, designed by GoH Jem, so if you want to make sure you get the size & quantity you want, fill out this form! There will be an extremely limited number available to purchase at Woods Flock and pre-ordering saves you $5.

It Begins…

We’re up and running! The website is officially operational and registration is now open for Super Sponsors and Sponsors. Stay tuned to for announcements of Artist/Vendor application opening.  Camper-level early bird registration will likely open at Anthro Southeast, where we will have a panel about Woods Flock and outdoor attractions in middle TN.