Woods Flock

Woods Flock was founded to bring together nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and creatives within the furry fandom. We want to build an awesome, inclusive community, nourish friendships, and simply have fun! Charity is also important to us – our first year, we donated $1000 to For Fox Sake and hope to exceed that this year. If you are part of a charity and interested in working with us, feel free to reach out!

Our main campouts take place at Fall Creek Falls State Park, though we may move elsewhere in TN in the future. We already host smaller events in different areas nearby, including the Upper Cumberland, smokies, and Chattanooga area.

We are also committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment. Care for the well-being of our members, visitors, nature, and the beautiful parks who host us are of the utmost importance to us. Please take a minute to familiarize yourself with the policies that make up our Code of Conduct so that everyone understand expectations and can have a good time. The well-being of all participants and care for our beautiful natural areas and their inhabitants is our highest priority. If you violate the CoC you may be asked to leave and barred from attending future Woods Flock events.

Be kind, to everyone and everything. That means NO violence, harassment (verbal or physical), theft, or vandalism will be tolerated. We have a zero tolerance policy for discrimination against any group or person on the basis of race, sex, gender, orientation, disability, language, etc. Pedophiles, zoophiles, nazis, or similar are not welcome in our community.

Whether in or out of costume, consent is REQUIRED to touch others! Always ask or gesture before giving hugs or anything else, and keep it appropriate. This is particularly important when approaching from behind or if the person has limited vision. As Wood Flock is a family-friendly event, we ask that costumes be tasteful and cover most of the body. What people do in the privacy of their tents or vehicles is not our business, but be respectful of the fact others are around and not consenting to being privy to your relationships. 

No littering, take care of your trash/recycling appropriately. Wash your own dishes, and do not leave food waste where it may attract animals or pests. Utilize restroom & shower facilities for their designated functions, or disposable wipes in absence of them. In short, let’s all keep ourselves and our areas clean so everyone can enjoy the space!

Woods Flock is an all ages/ family-friendly event. Please keep adult material, including mature costumes or fetish gear, to private property (within tents, vehicles). Market Artists (or anyone else) may not work on or have adult or lewd material on display.

Drugs are not permitted at our events or in the Parks. Reasonable alcohol consumption is permitted by those of legal age within the event space, provided it is kept in-hand or otherwise inaccessible to anyone underage. No smoking in buildings/pavilions or public-use areas. You may smoke at the tree line provided you clean up after yourself and ensure there there is no potential to start a fire. Vaping is permitted in the open air but please be respectful of your fellow campers.

No personal fires, unless using self-contained fire-pits or camp grills. Main fire pit(s) will be tended by Woods Flock staff. Employ proper fire management. Only heat-treated firewood is allowed in the park, but downed wood may be collected from the immediate vicinity. Fires should be attended at all times and fully extinguished when done with.
Park quiet hours are 10pm to 6am. That is not a curfew, it just means no one but the people right next to you should be able to hear you. We ask during other hours to aim for a respectful level of (happy) noise.
Leave wildlife alone! That includes not feeding wild animals. Service animals are allowed, but please no pets in the lodge/buildings. They must be cleaned up after, leashed or otherwise contained at all times, and cannot be left unattended at camp sites, per park policy. Other pedestrians have right-of-way. Any animals that display aggression or inability to be kept under control will need to be removed from the event space. DO NOT TOUCH OR APPROACH ANYONE’S ANIMAL WITHOUT CONSENT.

We ask attendees not to bring weapons, nor brandish items in a violent way. Utility or pocket knives are excepted, but must be used, kept or stored properly so as not to potentially cause injury. Supervised archery in the designated range area with targets is the only other exception.

Please understand that incidents which occur outside our events are generally out of our control. If your concern is of a criminal nature, PLEASE reach out to law enforcement.

If you have concerns or feel the need to report something or someone to our staff, you may do so in-person or email support@woodsflock.com. Please include the nature of your concern (security, violation or intent to violate code of conduct, or intent to cause harm), what event it pertains to, any supporting evidence you have, and other witnesses (if applicable/available/permissible), as well as the name and/or handle or what they would be known as in the community.

We take the safety of our members seriously and will review reports accordingly. Because membership status is private information, we will not be able to provide anyone with the result of our investigation.